What Is Collaborative Divorce Group?

We are a highly experienced and trained group of professionals providing solutions for divorce, dissolution, separation, and a wide range of family and business disputes. Our main goal is to save time, money, and stress in an already difficult process.


What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a process that seeks to save you money and preserve the emotional well-being of your family while achieving a mutually agreeable settlement, without needing to go to court.

Unlike the court process, where a judge determines how your settlement will look, in the Collaborative Divorce model, you work with a Collaborative Divorce Team to set the agenda for your divorce. You control the process, you determine the settlement that is best for your family.

The number of collaboratively trained professionals on a Collaborative Divorce Team depends on the level of cooperation between you and your spouse and the complexity of the case.

The Collaborative Divorce process includes the following:

• Both parties sign a Collaborative Agreement which describes the nature and scope of their participation and stipulates that they will not go to court to resolve their differences.
• The parties voluntarily provide all relevant information to the settlement process.
• The parties agree to make good faith efforts to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement.
• Each party must be represented by an attorney, whose participation terminates immediately upon introduction of any contested court proceeding.
• The parties may engage other experts as necessary, including financial and mental health experts whose participation terminates immediately upon introduction of a contested court proceeding.

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