Are you and your family facing the prospect of divorce? You may have many questions with no easy answers. Let us help answer your toughest questions about divorce and your options for moving forward. No matter what your circumstances, you CAN gain control over decisions that affect your relationships, and especially your children.

Andrew Hatherley (CDFA) of the Collaborative Divorce Group of Southern Nevada can help you explore your options and make informed decisions about your divorce at the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop. The next workshop is Saturday, June 9th from 10:30am to 1pm in the Boardroom at the Sahara West Public Library, 9600 West Sahara Avenue 89117. Also presenting will be Family Law Attorney Amber Robinson and Marriage and Family Therapist Kim Molnar.

This workshop:
• will help you understand and manage the legal, financial and emotional aspects of this challenging life transition.
• will provide you with information about the various options available to you for ending your marriage without damaging family relationships.
• will help you take control of your divorce and move forward with your life, with guidance from expert family law attorneys, financial professionals, and counselors.

The workshops is open to all individuals and couples who are contemplating separation or divorce, with or without children.

Registration is $40 and more information can be found at or call Andrew Hatherley at (702) 835-6960